We offer vertical hot water systems management using our next generation Teal system. Teal is a modular boiler solution that benefits developers, management, and residents alike; replacing entire apartments or condos with a “Zero Down Time” gas hot water system. Teal is based on a 15 year lease agreement, costing only $500 per year for the property’s entire hot water system.

All existing electric water heaters are replaced by a single Teal unit, providing an unlimited supply of water to the entire property. Monitored and supported by our team in real-time, Teal requires no upfront equipment purchases or maintenance costs.

Our team proactively works in concert with developers, contractors, architects, and MEP representatives along the entire project life cycle to implement the Teal Quality Process. We oversee a structured and meticulous review program that ensures all parties are working synchronously to implement Teal before installation commences.
We rigorously confirm all construction documents, develop appropriate implementation plans, and coordinate installation with General Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC technicians, and Telecom subcontractors. Communication is critical to the Teal Quality Process, ensuring a hands-on approach with our partners to verify and check each aspect of the installation.
From lease preparation to financial projections, we work directly with property managers to help understand the scope of our services. Our team takes a consultative role, providing education, training, and support throughout each element of the Teal System. Our goal is to enable a long term partnership over the duration of the lease, helping management properly execute relevant administrative needs involving Teal.
The Teal Quality Process is designed to provide unconditional, worry-free, 99.998% uptime. We strive to help our clients eliminate the costs, time, and headaches associated with hot water maintenance.  All equipment is entirely owned, serviced, and supported by our seasoned technicians, allowing management teams to allocate resources for other important duties. Since there are no disparate electrical heaters in each residence, maintenance teams don’t have to worry about onsite leaks, property damage, or the need to intrude on privacy.
The Teal System is a Low NOx, environmentally friendly, and energy saving hot water system that utilizes GREEN-Water conditioning. It reduces overall electric service across the entire site and allows management teams to understand the potential energy usage via historical trends and graphical reporting data. When compared to the Consumer Protection Agency’s published average energy costs for electric water heating, our Teal gas powered system yields a 65% monthly net savings.
Our state-of-the-art remote monitoring technology allows our technicians to review and analyze the Teal system in real-time over the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. We can proactively anticipate and respond to problems, streamline the maintenance process, and help achieve complete peace of mind for management teams and residents alike.  
Teal represents our culmination of nearly 40 years of experience in hot water equipment and services. Engineered for automatic backup and redundancy, its integrated failure alarms monitor each boiler’s critical functions and immediately notifies our personnel. During the course of our 15 year service duration, we regularly take care of our own equipment; rigorously inspecting over 100 vital points regularly in order to ensure “Zero Down Time” for residents.